De-ID Remote Web Services

While De-ID has typically required a client-side installation, access to De-ID software is now also available through De-ID Remote Web Services (De-ID/RWS).  De-ID/RWS provides secure, permission-based internet-enabled access to de-identification services on an ‘as-needed’, intermittent or scheduled batch basis. 

De-ID/RWS, clients deliver their unstructured data to a physically secure, HIPAA compliant infrastructure via encyrypted VPN for remote processing, significantly shortening implementation time and providing clients with an intuitive and secure capability for ‘on-demand’ de-identification of unstructured patient records.  De-ID/RWS also supports efforts to access, aggregate and share data (even across sites) for text analytics and natural language processing in support of clinical, quality and population research, clinical trial recruitment and product testing and training.

De-ID Remote Web Services maintains HIPAA and PCI-level compliance based on dedicated servers and a VPN Tunnel with 3DES Encryption, as well as additional administrative and technical safeguards and access controls.  

When a client needs data de-identified, either as a one-time project or in batches over time, De-ID Data Corp conducts an initial consultation on data quality, formatting and use case and defines a project management workflow; the De-ID Remote Web Services platform is then configured for client access.  De-ID completes all processing and delivers de-identified data back to the client in appropriate formats.

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