Remote Web Services Launch

De-ID Data Corp Opens New Doors To Research and Discovery Using Unstructured Data 

De-ID Remote Web Services Provides “On Demand” HIPAA Compliant De-Identification Of Free Text Clinical Notes and Medical Records

October 14, 2014 – (Philadelphia, PA) – De-IDTM software, a leading commercial technology for protecting patient privacy through automated HIPAA compliant de-identification of free text in clinical notes and other unstructured medical records, has been successfully configured, tested and released as De-ID Remote Web Services, which permits secure internet-enabled access to de-identification services on an ‘as-needed’ basis. 

“For a large health system client, De-ID Remote Web Services was able to remotely access their raw data file, extract more than 6,000,000 unstructured notes, successfully de-identify those notes and reconfigure the original table," confirmed Steven Merahn MD, Director of the Clinovations Center for Population Health and a member of the De-ID Data Corp Board of Directors. 

Previously, De-ID software typically required a client-side installation and annual license. Now, De-ID Remote Web Services provides a secure web-accessible capability for ‘on-demand’ de-identification of unstructured patient records via encrypted VPN, which significantly shortens implementation time and reduces demands on personnel and data management systems.

“This new platform represents improved access and feasibility of automated de-identification services, even on a project basis, while making the process easier and more cost-effective,” added Merahn. “You securely upload your files for processing and then download HIPAA-compliant versions later"

De-ID Remote Web Services maintains HIPAA and PCI-level compliance based on dedicated servers and a VPN Tunnel with 3DES Encryption, as well as additional administrative and technical safeguards and access controls.  When a client needs data de-identified, De-ID Data Corp conducts an initial consultation on data quality, formatting and use case and defines a project management workflow; the De-ID Remote Web Services platform is then configured for client access.

“Unstructured data is the next new frontier as we seek to understand the patients ‘story’ and learn more about the factors affecting quality of care and quality of health,” added Merahn. “Healthcare could really benefit from exploring some of the new narrative analytics tools that are showing great promise in financial services and consumer products””

About De-ID Data Corp

Founded in 2004, De-ID Data Corp is a leading provider of automated software for HIPAA compliant de-identification of unstructured textual and narrative medical record data.  De-ID software has been used to support access, aggregation and sharing of unstructured notes and reports for clinical, quality and population research using text analytics and natural language processing, transcription services, clinical trial recruitment and product testing and training.

Originally developed and tested at the University of Pittsburgh[1], De-ID software has been used by the Federal government, major academic medical centers and health systems, transcription and computer-assisted coding companies and consulting companies to remove “protected health information” (PHI) from discharge summaries, pathology reports, surgical/procedure and radiology notes and free text fields in electronic health record systems under HIPAA compliance programs utilizing both the Safe Harbor and ‘expert determination’ methods. [2] [3] [4]

De-ID software not only removes PHI, it also replaces it with proxies (e.g., NAME; PLACE) that retain the narrative integrity of the patients story.  The software understands words in context, and can differentiate between a when nouns are used as clinical terms (e.g., Hodgkins Disease; not PHI) and as names (e.g., Dr. Hodgkins; PHI).

De-ID can be set to automatically remove all 18 HIPAA Safe Harbor elements of PHI, or can be configured to process data based on a Limited Data Set of one or more of the elements.  In addition, there are software features that support patient identification via an Honest Broker, a feature than has been used for clinical trial recruitment, and also support clustering of de-identified records associated with the same patient.

For more information on De-ID Remote Web Services, please visit our website:, or contact Bob Berra at 310-780-7554 or by email at


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